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Stuffed rice-paper rolls recipe

Written on Tuesday, July 12, 2016 | 3:18:00 PM

Makes : Piece

Preparation time : 35 minutes 

Ingredients : 
1)  175 g beetroot
2)  200 g Enoki mushrooms
3)  2 papayas
4)  8 sheets of rice paper (20 cm diameter)
5)  1 bunch coriander leaves
6)  50 ml hot chilli sauce

Preparation Method :
1) Peel the beetroot, cut into fine batons and then place in ice-cold water .

2) Carefully wash the mushrooms, pat dry and remove the stalks. Halve the papayas, remove the core, peel and cut the flesh into batons .

3) Soak the rice-paper sheets briefly in cold water. Lay two sheets on top of each other and drain on kitchen paper. Place the beetroot, papaya, mushrooms and fresh coriander in the middle of the rice paper, and drizzle with chilli sauce .

4) Roll the rice-paper sheets together and cut each roll in half in the middle. Serve with hot chilli sauce for dipping .


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