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Vegetables in a wok recipe

Written on Sunday, June 5, 2016 | 12:00:00 PM

Serves : servings 

Preparation time : 25 minutes (plus frying time)

Ingredients : 
1)  250 g green asparagus
2)  250 g carrots
3)  250 g Chinese cabbage
4)  250 g pak choi
5)  2 shallots
6)  5 garlic cloves
7)  3 cm fresh ginger
8)  3 tbsp peanut oil
9)  2 tsp salt
10)  2 tsp sugar
11)  2 tbsp Shaoxing rice wine, or dry sherry
12)  3 tsp sesame oil

Preparation Method :
1) Wash the asparagus, peel the bottom third and remove the woody ends. Cut into pieces approx. 3 cm long. Wash and peel the carrots, and cut into thin slices. Wash the Chinese cabbage, drain and cut into chunks approx. 4 x 2 cm. Wash the pak choi, drain and cut into 4 cm wide strips. Peel the shallots and garlic, and chop coarsely. Peel the ginger, then chop finely.

2) Heat a wok to a high temperature, add the peanut oil, then fry the shallots, ginger and garlic for approx. 1 minute whilst stirring, and season with salt. Add the carrots and asparagus, and fry for a minute whilst stirring. Add 2 tablespoons of water, cover and cook everything for a further 2 minutes.

3) Add the Chinese cabbage, pak choi, sugar and rice wine, and fry for approx. 3 minutes whilst stirring, until the leaves have wilted. Add the sesame oil and serve immediately.


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